Settlement Agreements: How we can help maximise your settlement and make the process as stress-free as possible

We are currently working through one of the largest pandemics ever to have hit not only the UK but the entire world. This has had, and continues to have, a serious and negative impact on lots of different areas within our economy and as a result, employees in the UK are losing their jobs. 

Despite Government measures to try to avoid redundancies, many companies have cut jobs and we have seen a record rise in the number – estimated to be 181,000 and rising.  

Many companies are bringing employment to an end through a legal document called a “Settlement Agreement”.  

Our role is to guide employees through that process, by providing not only legal advice, but an arm of support too. 

This approach provides a personable touch for each client which makes the process less stressful. In addition, we are also proud to say that we get great results. 

Some recent feedback we have had highlights the professional, yet caring way in which we deal with these agreements for our clients: 

“Hannah dealt with my case in a very professional and caring manner. She put my mind at rest straight away in this very difficult circumstance, one that I have never had to experience before. Hannah talked me through every stage and made me feel at ease throughout. She dealt with this matter at speed as requested by the company I was working for and kept me up to date at all times with the progress.”

“We met Hannah at your offices and were immediately impressed by her caring and sympathetic approach.”

“In my view, Hannah Dowd stands with the best of them. She is friendly but firm. Her advice and guidance are clear and well directed. She is cheerful, engaging and reassuringly competent.”

We also have an impressive track record of increasing settlements as well as making sure that no stone goes unturned.

We want to make sure our clients have absolute clarity when they sign the agreement as we understand the implications of doing so and the effect it can have on our clients to lose their jobs.

Some of our clients have worked for the same employer for their entire lives, and so their job is not just a 9-5 role that they have to attend in order to get paid each month, but is their livelihood. Their lives revolve heavily around the job they love to do.

This is something we understand, and we like our clients to feel that this is not just a transaction but that we listen, care and we desperately want them to get the best advice, support and assistance from us at all times.

Below are some examples of how we have managed to negotiate improved settlements for some clients (anonymised to protect identities):

  • Mr X received a more favourable reference, which was important to him for his reputation and to maximise his chances of getting another job quickly.
  • Miss Y received a 75% increase on the compensation sum she had originally been offered.
  • Mrs Z received a 45% increase in compensation and had her restrictive covenant period reduced by three months, thus allowing her to move on with her career quickly.

If you have received a Settlement Agreement, or have had a discussion with your employer and you feel that it’s heading towards a Settlement Agreement, then please do get in touch.

We are always on hand to support you through this difficult time.

Should you require any assistance regarding this topic, please contact us below.