Personal Injury

A New Way:
The Personal Injury claims sector has changed and we’ve changed with it.

The difference to you, however, may mean you’ll be better off, being with us.

With fewer firms willing, or able, to help injured people, we are determined to continue in our cause to represent whom we can, as best we can.

We have always sent our clients a feedback survey at the end of their case, and whilst our independently verified customer satisfaction reviews remain outstanding, we want to ensure we can do even better.

As such, we invite you to also tell us how you feel throughout the course of your case.

Contact us about any concern or query and we’ll let you know where we are, and thus where you are, right away.

We’re always seeking new ways to adapt to the challenges in life and bring value, efficiency, a quality service and access to Justice, for you.

Employer Liability Claims:

Should you or someone you know be injured in the workplace, we have the experience and expertise to act and recover compensation for the injuries and losses that arise.

In the first instance, contact Eamonn Sexton for free advice as to your position and what we can do to allow you to concentrate on getting better, sooner.

Public Liability Claims:

If you have suffered an injury in a public place, be it at indoor premises, such as a shop, or an outside area, we can seek to compensate you for the pain and financial impact it has on you and any other losses that follow from it.

Contact Eamonn Sexton for free advice as to what we can do to help you to get your life back.