Loose Women launch ‘Facing it Together’ domestic abuse campaign.

To mark International Women’s Day, the ITV daytime television programme, ‘Loose Women’, launched their domestic abuse campaign ‘Facing it Together’. The focus of the campaign is to raise awareness and support those who are survivors of domestic abuse or those who may be currently facing domestic abuse. The motto of the campaign is: “Whether you are a survivor or a friend, we are facing it together.”

One in four women and one in seven men will face domestic abuse within their lifetime. Domestic abuse does not have to be physical abuse. Whilst physical abuse is one form, there are other forms of domestic abuse including emotional abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse, and coercive and controlling behaviour. Someone may be suffering alone and be made to feel like they are the only one. This may be an abuser’s way to silence their victim.

The campaign aims to highlight that the help available to those experiencing domestic abuse and the ways in which family and friends can spot the signs or support a loved one. Someone may feel trapped, alone, and helpless, so it is important to reach out and take that first step.

At MSB Solicitors, our Family Team offer expert support and advice to those facing domestic abuse. We can advise individuals who may wish to apply to the Family Court for protection against an abuser. One way the Family Court can offer protection is by way of a Non-Molestation Order. A Non-Molestation Order prohibits a person associated with the applicant from molesting them or a relevant child. An order can prohibited a person from threatening physical violence, intimidating, harassing, pestering, or communicating with the applicant. Further, an order could prevent the abuser coming within a certain distance of the applicant, their home address or even attending their place of work.

Someone may also be living with an abuser and may find it difficult to leave their home they share together. This may be due to financial reasons, practical reasons, or fear of the consequences. At MSB, we can offer support and advice to those who find themselves in this situation. Our Family Team can advise as to whether it is appropriate to apply for an Occupation Order. Occupation Orders are also dealt with at the Family Court and determine whether a party has the right to occupy, be regulated or be excluded from the family home. This may result in an abuser having to move out of the family home or a limit to which areas of the family home they can access. This will be dependent upon individual circumstances. The court will consider the risk of significant harm to the individual as well as the housing needs of the parties, financial resources, and the effect of making the order or not making the order to the parties.

MSB’s Family Team can also signpost individuals to organisations in their local area for emotional and practical support following domestic abuse. Such organisations can offer vital support to assist someone in fleeing abuse and dealing with the effect of abuse.

If a person is suffering abuse, they should contact the police and seek legal advice once safe from immediate risk.

If you require any further information, please contact our Family team for confidential advice.

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