The Tenant Satisfaction Measures Standard

This week, The Regulator of Social Housing announced it will introduce Tenant Satisfaction Measures  (TSMs) from April following a consultation

A consultation on the proposed measures began on 9th December 2021 and closed on 3rd March 2022.  The consultation followed the governments ‘The Charter for Social Hosing Residents: Social Housing white Paper’, which was published in November 2020. The White Paper set an expectation that the Regulator of Social Housing would bring in a set of Tenant Satisfaction Measures on issues that matter the most to tenants.

The measures will come into effect on 1st April 2023 and their aims are to allow tenants to scrutinise their landlord’s performance and give an insight to landlords on where they can improve their service. They will also provide the regulator with data to assess whether landlords are meeting the regulatory standards.

The decision statement, published on Wednesday 21st September, provides a summary of the feedback from the consultation, and sets out the final decision on the TSMs.

The TSMs are part of the regulator’s wider programme of work to develop proactive consumer regulation of the social housing sector, following the introduction of draft legislation in parliament earlier this year.

A number of key documents have also been published including:

  • Tenant Satisfaction Measures Standard.
  • Tenant Satisfaction Measures – Technical Requirements.
  • Tenant Satisfaction Measures – Tenant Survey Requirements.
  • Guidance about the submission of Tenant Satisfaction Measures information to the regulators.

For further information please see the full decision statement.

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