MSB is on the Road to Net Zero

Follow the Green Brick Road

At MSB we understand our corporate responsibility to operating and growing our business in a sustainable way. The legal sector has a collective responsibility for protecting the environment and MSB proudly steps forward to champion a sustainable future.

As a firm not only dedicated to legal excellence, but to sustainable business practice we’re excited to confirm our latest step in our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

MSB are now Carbon Verified by Net Zero Now.

It’s been a hot minute

In June 2022, MSB’s Green Team, headed by Partner Andrew Fairman and Trainee Solicitor Jess Jones, reached out to Net Zero Now to apply to be a part of their law firm pilot scheme.

Net Zero Now is a national company supporting businesses with their commitment to measuring, reducing and offsetting their carbon footprint.

After Jess applied to the pilot scheme, we were delighted to be one of 15 firms in the UK with a place on the scheme and to have the opportunity to assess our carbon footprint with industry experts.

Then followed a long data collection process using Net Zero Now’s software to input all the firm’s usage from energy providers across our multiple offices, to business trips and water waste down to IT software and office furniture.

The process took several months to complete by the deadline of January 2023, and MSB officially received the sign off on the project in November 2023.

Of the 15 firms initially accepted onto the pilot, only 8 completed the process and MSB are incredibly proud to be one of the first firms in the country to commit themselves to a sustainable future.

In May 2024 MSB received their certification of their first Carbon Footprint assessment, in compliance with the requirements of the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and ISO 14064-1.

What Next?

While we know we are reducing our carbon footprint year on year with our Environmental & Sustainability Policy and accompanying strategy, we’ve reached a point where we need to actively measure this. As MSB continues to grow it is our commitment to acknowledge our contributions to climate change and do all that we can to reduce and offset our emissions.

MSB is currently working towards setting a Net Zero target date. But what does this mean?

Net Zero Carbon Emissions means providing our services while reducing greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible.

MSB will instead focus on greener, more sustainable supply contracts, products and operational services. The firm now hopes to see others across the sector rising to the challenge and prioritising the planet.

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