Failing to prepare may result in you preparing for Prosecution!

Motoring offences

Paul Gallagher provides his further insight in seeking immediate legal advice if you have been contacted by the police or received a single justice notice for the following Road Traffic offences: 

  • Failing to provide the identity of a driver (NIP) 
  • Speeding 
  • No insurance (including when insurance has been cancelled by insurer) 
  • Contravening a traffic light signal 
  • Obstructing the highway 
  • Careless or Dangerous driving 
  • Overloading 
  • Driving a defective vehicle 
  • Drink and Drug driving 
  • Failure to provide specimen of breath/blood/urine. 
  • Mobile phone misuse whilst driving or usage of another device. 
  • Driving without a licence 
  • Any other road traffic offence 

Our crime department has previously provided blogs in relation to Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) and Single Justice Notices (SJN). Please see here: 

Our department would encourage you to obtain immediate legal advice when you receive contact from the police or receive a single justice notice.  We offer competitive fees (locally – see below link) and can provide a tailored quote for legal work required nationally. 

If you are contacted by the police to attend a voluntary interview under caution, you are entitled to free legal advice and our charges would be met by the Legal Aid Agency irrespective of your financial means.  We provide 24/7 cover nationwide. We can also provide a competitive quote for work to be undertaken outside of the police station in preparation of a police interview when legal aid is not available. 

If you fail to seek immediate legal advice it could jeopardise how an investigation or prosecution will proceed. This could result in receiving penalty points or disqualification from driving. 

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