Covid-19: Sheltered Schemes & Supported Housing

What we know so far

Who should read this and why?

  • All Executive Teams, Boards, Supported and Sheltered Housing Managers and Tenancy Enforcement Teams.
  • Sheltered Schemes and Supported Housing will play a key role in shielding groups at a higher risk from Covid-19.
  • On 19 March 2020, the Government published guidance on the ethical framework for adult social care for Covid-19 in addition to other guidance.

What should you consider doing?

  • Introducing urgent policies for controlling the spread of Covid-19 within Sheltered Schemes and Supported Housing.
  • Temporarily stopping or limited all non-essential visits from friends, family members and external organisations.
  • All visits to be by prior appointment and screening to ask if visitors have any symptoms or if they are part of a self-isolation due to a family member living with them and having symptoms.
  • Consider alternatives to visiting such as Skype and/or phone calls to keep in touch with residents.
  • Temporary closures of communal areas to avoid the spread of transmission.
  • Rotas or time slots for exercise for residents.
  • Increased cleaning of communal areas.
  • The use of personal protective equipment if required.

What must you continue doing?

  • Facilitate essential visits from medical specialists.
  • Carry out essential buildings maintenance were necessary.
  • Ensuring all staff and contractors are following all relevant guidance.
  • Ensuring staff members and contractors who are unwell and/or have had contact with someone who has the virus stay away from the scheme.

How to Enforce

  • Use of the full range of methods to combat breach of tenancy and ASB including meetings, warning letters, mediation, acceptable behaviour contracts, possession proceedings or injunctions.
  • Emergency legislation may limit the use of possession.

Contact us, we are here to help

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