Career Carousel with Primary Inspirations and MSB

This week, the MSB team were lucky enough to be invited to speak at several primary schools in and around the Liverpool City Region. The objective of these sessions was to inspire, excite and engage our next generation of inquisitive young minds.  

Dominique, Julia and Jayde from our Cheshire office set up shop in the school’s main hall, where the smell of school dinners carried a sense of nostalgia! The purpose of the visit was to listen to the children’s question regarding the legal sector and provide them with insight into what the roles and responsibilities of solicitors are and the routes people can take to qualify.   

We touched on traditional pathways, that being university followed by a training contract, as well as newer concepts, such as solicitor apprenticeships. When exploring the pathways into industry with the children, it was hard not to spot the sets of eyes lighting up when they realised university is no longer compulsory to become a solicitor and the ‘earn whilst you learn’ premise of an apprenticeship seemed very appealing to many. 

On our first stop, we delved into Julia’s background and her polish nationality – a topic which resonated with many of the young people who came from multi-cultural and bilingual backgrounds. Julia acted as a great role model for the children and enabled them to see that even when English is not your first language, there is still a world of high-quality opportunities available – in Julia’s case, this was demonstrated through her law degree and (soon-to-be) qualifying as a Solicitor in England. 

At our second school, the young learners were able to link the work of lawyers and solicitors to the notable Amber Heard v Johnny Depp trial which they had seen across social media recently – enabling them to make comparisons and find a deeper understanding of the field. The students were able to use this scenario to make connections between our work and the importance of preparation and organisation, as well as the role of confidence in the legal sector. 

Throughout both sessions we felt it important to reiterate to the children that with hard work and determination you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Being a solicitor isn’t just for the over achievers and brainboxes who are placed in top sets throughout education – a preconception assumed by many of the young people. Instead, those who apply themselves, listen and are passionate about making a difference are the people who make for the best solicitors.  

During our ride on the Career Carousel, we met some ambitious young minds, many of whom had big dreams of becoming world-famous footballers and trend-setting influencers. However, we’re hopeful that we’ve ignited a spark that will inspire the next generation of future lawyers. 

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