World Menopause Day – Continuing the Conversation

Did you know, according to the Labour Force Survey Q2 2021, women of the menopausal age (45-54) make up 23% of the UK’s employed female population and 11% of all people in employment in the UK – totalling 3.5 million !

A massive 63% of women say their menopause symptoms have negatively impacted their work. At MSB, it is our commitment to be a fully inclusive company and help all our colleagues be at their best during every stage of their personal life. To do that successfully, we believe it is important to have conversations about menopause and provide information and support for those both directly and indirectly affected.

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As an employer, it was important to us that a conversation was had addressing the impacts of the menopause, and that the support we provided offered valuable assistance and relief for a process which affects so many.

As a means to assist our valued colleagues, we implemented a policy that outlines the guidance and adjustments MSB can and will make to support those both suffering and indirectly affected by symptoms of menopause.

Our policy recognises that the menopause can raise issues relating to equality and health and safety, and employees may need appropriate flexibility, support and adjustments during the time of change – this extends to during and after the menopause. Our policy sets out the rights of employees affected directly or indirectly by menopause, and explains the support available to them.

Former Chair of the British Menopause Society, Dr Heather Currie, writes:

The menopause is important and can have significant consequences but should not be dreaded as a serious illness.

This year, ITV This Morning highlighted the importance of making the menopause a socially acceptable topic to be addressed.  Presenters raised awareness in the importance of having open conversations relating to the menopause and women’s health. The menopause should not be taboo, it directly affects around half of the population and can indirectly affect the remainder.

Many media personalities are also lending their voices to campaigns championing discussions and awareness of menopause. An estimated 1 million women have given up work because of the challenges they have faced during this notable period in their lives, while many more have reduced their hours or given up a promotion due to its impact. It is important not to lose talented individuals from the workplace and that starts with opening up the conversation, breaking the taboo and ensuring anyone affected feels supported.

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