Top 10 divorce tips

  1. Before making the decision to begin the divorce process, assemble your trusted support network. Your support network should include your trusted friends and family members and professionals.
  1. The divorce process is exhausting both physically and emotionally. You must look after yourself, eat well, get regular exercise and get enough sleep.
  1. If you are struggling, consider the assistance of a counsellor. There is no shame in seeking professional help to guide you through this difficult, emotional period.
  1. Take legal advice early, before beginning the process. It is important to prepare. It is advisable to begin to collate all of your financial documents to include the CETV of any pension fund, bank statements and the redemption figures of any mortgage. This will become important further down the line when discussing a financial settlement ancillary to the divorce.
  1. Do not involve the children in the adult conflict. Try to keep all arrangements in respect of the children as child focused as possible.
  1. Be patient, the process will not be concluded overnight. Take a deep breath and focus on the long- term goal and what you want to receive by way of an overall settlement.
  1. Do not send any texts or emails to your ex partner which can cause embarrassment later on. In the heat of the moment and in the midst of an argument with your ex there is always a temptation to demonstrate your frustration in writing, avoid this temptation.
  1. Do not be influenced by what others will say in respect of their own divorce experience. Everyone’s experience of divorce is unique.
  1. Do not be frightened by the prospect of going to Court. It’s unlikely you will ever have to attend Court in respect of the divorce itself, but if you have to seek the Court’s attendance in respect of the children or financial matters be aware that the Court is there to assist you.
  1. Consider mediation. In cases that do not have complex issues in respect of children or finances mediation should be considered as this process can be less acrimonious and cost effective in reaching a resolution to all matters.

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