Sustainable Tech: The Future is Green

Last month, I attended the Pro-Manchester Green Tech Conference with our MSB Green Team. The event provided a platform to learn from numerous innovative thinkers who are leading the charge in sustainable technology, and to explore ways in which businesses can enhance their sustainability efforts. We were introduced to cutting-edge technologies such as vertical farming, lab-grown proteins, and green hydrogen.

The conference left us feeling optimistic about the future of our planet and inspired us to share our newfound knowledge with our firm and clients. So, what did we learn?

The importance of sustainable businesses:

There are two key components to why businesses need to become more sustainable:

  1. The future of our planet: Multiple studies have shown that achieving a global net zero by 2050 is crucial to prevent catastrophic global warming. The implications of inaction will be felt across all aspects of daily life, from personal health to the weather in our hometowns. For instance, a study conducted in 2019 predicted that human interference and pollution were responsible for two-thirds of extreme weather conditions experienced in the last two decades.

British businesses have played a significant role in contributing to global warming. In 2018, it was reported that they were responsible for 18% of global CO2 emissions, which is a significant proportion for a relatively small country. It is, therefore, imperative that businesses take responsibility for their impact on the environment.

  1. The future of their businesses: To attract future talent, businesses need to demonstrate environmental and social accountability. According to studies, 79% of college students take a company’s policies and values about the environment into consideration when choosing an employer.

This was a significant factor in my decision to pursue a career with MSB Solicitors. The company’s Green Team and positive ESG values appealed to me as a graduate and motivated me to apply for roles and progress within the organisation. I have also noticed that young prospective employees specifically inquire about our environmental and social values, indicating that these factors are at the forefront of their minds.

These values are also reflected in consumer choices. McKinsey reported that over 60% of respondents in their study were willing to pay more for a product with sustainable packaging. This underscores the importance of businesses being eco-friendly, not only to attract potential talent but also to appeal to customers.

How can businesses take bigger steps towards sustainability?

I have already outlined how companies can make small changes to become more sustainable, but for companies that are ready to take bigger steps towards net-zero, there are many options:

  • There are multiple funding programs that enable small and medium-sized enterprises to make more sustainable choices and get involved in green tech innovation, such as installing heat pumps
    • At the Pro-Manchester Green Tech Conference, we heard from Green Hub and the Energy Innovation Agency. These organizations are just two examples of many that support businesses in pursuing greener choices by providing grants, loans, and advice.
  • Educate your employees
    • Carbon literacy training is becoming an increasingly popular technique for businesses to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability within the company. This training can increase understanding of environmental issues and encourage employees to make more sustainable choices in their day-to-day lives.
  • Learn about your company’s impact
    • Carbon accounting is a means to understand the impact that your company is having on the environment by calculating your carbon footprint. This can empower companies to make more informed choices regarding their energy intake and emissions.

In conclusion, whilst there are smaller changes that can be made, there is an urgency surrounding the state of our environment that will require larger changes to be made. Businesses need to be empowered to make more sustainable choices for the future of their company and the planet.

The MSB Green Team is committed to making greener choices for our firm and exploring new ways to make a positive impact on the environment. If you would like to get in touch with our Green Team, please email Jessica Jones at

Shea Carson – Commercial Property Paralegal