Andy Moore

Partner and Head of Anti-Social Behaviour and Leasehold (Social Housing)

Andy joined MSB in 2019 and brings with him 10 years of housing experience, having represented a range of clients from the largest RPs in the country, to individual property landlords. His knowledge and experience has seen him act as a key advisor on a change of tenure for a £100 million + PFI project, in addition to having developed a process for unauthorised sub-letting that has been adopted by multiple RPs.

Andy is able to advise and represent clients on legal and practical aspects of leasehold and homeownership issues, tenancy management, tackling anti-social behaviour and disrepair. His specialisms include leasehold and land disputes which have included Access Injunctions, Enforcement of Covenants, Dilapidations and Service Charge and Estate Recovery, Boundary Disputes and Adverse Possession.

Andy has a genuine passion for housing matters and enjoys working closely with clients to really understand their organisation and culture in order to represent them to a standard of excellence.