Alison Sharples

Alison Sharples

Criminal Solicitor

Alison’s legal journey began in 1994, as she started on her career with the Probation Service after completing her LPC. Transitioning through various roles, she found her footing in criminal defence, eventually qualifying as a solicitor in 2003. Over the next 14 years at Laurence Lee solicitors, she meticulously honed her skills, handling a diverse caseload ranging from serious fraud to homicide.

In 2015, Alison joined Cobleys’ solicitors’ crime team, assuming the role of manager at their Huyton office. In this capacity, she not only managed her own caseload, but also supervised colleagues, spanning fee-earners and administrative staff. Her responsibilities took her across the country, from Oxford to London and as far as Lewes on the South coast, representing clients in various criminal matters, including a notable double murder case in Liverpool. Additionally, she provided legal counsel at police stations, ensuring proper representation for clients, even traveling to Carlisle when necessary.

In 2019, Alison seized the opportunity to join the esteemed crime team at Broudie Jackson Canter solicitors in Liverpool. Here, her focus shifted to Magistrates Court advocacy, where she passionately fought for acquittals on behalf of their clients in numerous trials. With BJC’s bustling criminal practice, Alison found herself advocating in court almost daily. She also continued her work as a duty solicitor, both in courtrooms and at police stations.

With three decades of experience in and around local courts nationwide, Alison has firmly established herself as a trusted advocate. Known for her approachable demeanour and unwavering dedication to her clients, she believes in demystifying the court process, making it less intimidating for those navigating it for the first time. Alison strives to support her clients every step of the way, ensuring they feel empowered and supported throughout the legal journey.

Having faced challenges after completing University in 1994, struggling to secure a training contract without the support of legal contacts or familial guidance, Alison has remained committed to mentoring aspiring young lawyers entering the profession. Recognising the importance of diversity and representation within the legal field, she actively participates in Liverpool University’s mentoring program and extends informal guidance to individuals undertaking work experience in her previous firms.

Alison firmly believes that fostering a diverse generation of young lawyers is essential for ensuring equal access to justice. Joining MSB’s crime team, she looks forward to continuing her tradition of providing exemplary representation to her clients, maintaining the high standards she has upheld throughout her legal career.