Housing Complaint Decisions by the Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman – A Roundup

The Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman recently published details of their decision on housing complaints made, covering various topics, such as disrepair, allocations, interim and temporary accommodation, and more. 

Although the decision here relates to complaints against local authorities, they are of course public bodies, and Registered Providers of Social Housing are also treated as public bodies. The decisions can, therefore, be informative, help provide guidance, or in some circumstances act as a warning. 

A link to the decisions section of the website can be found here: https://www.lgo.org.uk/decisions/housing and a roundup of some recent relevant decisions are as follows. 

West Berkshire Council (21 014 573) 

Summary: Ms X complained that the Council refused to accept a homelessness application when she had to leave her home due to threats of violence. She also complained it delayed in dealing with her housing register application, her application for a discretionary housing payment, and responding to her complaint. 

Finding: Fault found causing injustice and recommendations were made. 

London Borough of Brent (22 007 231) 

Summary: Ms X complains the Council did not properly investigate her reports of a leak from a neighbouring property, causing dampness to appear on her wall. We have not found the Council at fault. 

Finding: The Council was not at fault for how it handled Ms X’s reports of a leak from a neighbouring property. 

Sevenoaks District Council (22 009 876) 

Summary: The complainant, Ms X, says the Council offered her a house then withdrew the offer. 

Finding: We will not investigate this complaint about a house the Council offered to the complainant in error. This is because there is insufficient evidence of injustice, and we could not achieve the outcome the complainant wants. In addition, part of the complaint is late. 

Bath and North East Somerset Council (21 017 264) 

Summary: Ms X complained the Council gave wrong information about the likely success of her housing application. Ms X also complained the Council’s housing policy does not account for terminal illnesses and its complaint handling has been poor, causing her distress.  

Finding: We do not find fault with the Council. 

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