Green Retrofitting and Decarbonisation

The UK Government has set an ambitious target of Net Zero Carbon by 2050. The Housing Sector, and in particular Social Housing, have a huge role to play in this. In addition to this, the Government has targeted all properties to be brought up to EPC Band C by 2030.

The size of this challenge is not to be underestimated, and nor is the cost. Whilst a 2050 vision may seem some way away, in light of the challenges ahead it can be considered a short timescale.

This raises the question to all Registered Providers of Social Housing (RPs), what are you currently doing to prepare for this huge decarbonisation and retrofit challenge?

The main questions to consider are:

  • Do you have a plan in place? As an RP, this challenge needs scaling from the ground up. This will require technical knowledge of the options available, policies in place that are clear on your organisation’s approach and a planning phase that may take some time.
  • Are you planning for how this could be funded? Whilst this is still developing, the Government has committed £3.8 billion to Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund, but with an estimated £104 billion needed for the whole sector, it’s imperative that the funding aspects are considered at an early stage.
  • Are you able to identify property categories? Not all properties across an RP’s stock will need the same level of work in terms of retrofitting. Newer properties, for example, may need very little works, compared to some older properties within the stock, some of which may need placing into a disposal category and looking at possible regeneration of these properties. It’s important that these categories are identified so a true reflection of the work needed can be seen.
  • Have you considered early tenant engagement? The retrofitting and decarbonisation plan not only needs a large-scale plan from an RPs perspective, but at ground level these are works to be undertaken in and around tenanted properties. Educating and engaging with tenants on the need for a green future, and investing in the community’s greener future, needs to begin at an early stage if any roll-out is likely to be successful.

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