Green Policies and Net Zero for Social Housing

The Net Zero target of 2050 is now a much talked about topic across all sectors, but specifically so in social housing. The social housing sector faces one of the biggest challenges as it looks to get to grips with decarbonisation of existing stock and pave the way with new greener options.

Naturally the size of the challenge is staggering and presents a variety of different issues, from choosing what approach is best, to establishing how to finance such a significant change. As much as every issue that is presented is important, perhaps it’s an opportunity for registered providers (RP) to take stock themselves of not just those issues, but in considering an overall change as an organisation.

It’s arguable that the best way to achieve real change is to begin with looking internally and ask the questions of the RP as an entity. It’s as much about a cultural and ultimately mindset change as it may be the numbers and insulation statistics in each building owned.

If an organisation considers a cultural shift f to encourage the move towards a greener approach from the top down, then the transition across its stock and convincing tenants to be on board could be significantly easier.

A good starting point, if not already in consideration or implementation, is to look at the introduction of a Green Policy. A good green and environmental policy could be of great benefit to an organisation. It sets out exactly what the RP wants to see filtered down through its stock, showing a strong commitment to really trying to achieve Net Zero, both internally and externally.

Taking the time to invest in a good, targeted green policy can provide a clear commitment that identifies your organisations goals. It can lead to an increase in engagement with tenants, external organisations and encourage discussion around decarbonisation and net zero. This can create a clear set of goals for what your organisation wants to achieve, crucially increasing the chances of success in achieving what is clearly a difficult and ambitious target.

If your organisation does not already have a green policy, now is very much the time to consider this to set you on a good road to net zero.

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