Extension to “ban on Evictions”

What has happened?

On the afternoon of 21st August 2020 the stay to possession claims has been further extended to 20th September 2020.

This follows on from a previous extension to 23rd August 2020, and so the news has been delivered to Housing Practitioners with less than one business day left to go.

We have attached for reference a letter from the Head of Civil Justice and Chair of the Civil Procedure Rule Committee confirming the news, which has been delivered to him by the Lord Chancellor.

What does this mean?

The current stay on possession claims imposed by Rule 55.29 is extended until 20th September 2020. No further rules have yet been provided although the suggestion is that the additional time will allow for courts to prepare for the stay to be lifted. Therefore:

· Possession claims can be sent to court for issuing, but will not be served on Tenants until after 20th September 2020.

· Those possession claims already issued will remain stayed (on hold).

· No possession orders will be made until after 20th September 2020.

· No eviction dates, following expiry of possession orders, will be provided until after 20th September 2020.

· It seems likely therefore that any possession hearings or trials listed before 20th September 2020 will be adjourned.

What we will be doing…

We will continue to issue new possession claims, file reactivation notices on existing claims where necessary, and contact courts as regards the listing of hearings and evictions after 20th September 2020.

As soon as any further rules or guidance notes are published we will provide an update.

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