Cilex: Supporting Women in the Legal Industry

As a young woman working in the legal profession, I could not be more proud to work alongside some of the most amazing female lawyers in Liverpool whilst gaining a qualification via CiLex.

CiLex is an alternative to obtaining a Law Degree at University and is usually completed alongside full time employment. It is interesting to note that 74% of CiLex lawyers are female and more than a third of new student members of CiLex are black or of ethnic minority.

In 2018, 68% of UK students accepted onto the Undergraduate Degree Course at University were female and 31.2% male. The percentage of women studying the Bar Course has increased from 52% in 2011/12 to 56% in 2018.

It may be considered that women prefer the CiLex route as an alternative to University and the Bar Course given the flexibility of part time study/working alongside employment, as it is common for University students to study full time. I study alongside several women who have young children and families, many of whom say that CiLex lectures during the afternoon/evening can allow them to manage the day to day responsibilities of parenthood, yet still be able to obtain a professional qualification.

I am inspired to work alongside a number of colleagues, in particular Hayley Catherall, a Partner at MSB, who have qualified via CiLex. It is refreshing to see that despite not following the traditional route of attending University, there is still ample opportunity for career progression within MSB and the legal profession as a whole.

I am extremely proud to be a young woman embarking on my journey in the legal profession and I hope that in the future I can continue the high standard of work currently offered by those in MSB who strive to make a difference.

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