Brexit and Social Housing Allocation

Working in allocations in social housing post-Brexit?


Here’s what you need to know:

There are two types of EU Citizens post-Brexit:

  1. EU Citizens already residing in the UK
  • They can apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to provide them with UK Immigration status.
  • This scheme will continue to run until 30th June 2021.
  • To be eligible for social housing these citizens should provide evidence they’ve applied to this scheme.
  1. EU citizens arriving in the UK post-1st January 2021
  • They can apply for immigration status.
  • They will not be eligible for social housing allocation until their immigration status confirms leave to remain.
  • They should provide evidence that they have leave to remain.

From a social housing allocation perspective, you can think of it as three questions:

  1. Did the applicant reside in UK prior to 31st December 2020?
  2. If so, have they applied to the EU Settlement Scheme?
  3. If not, do they have leave to remain?

Read the full guidance, here.

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