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Situated right in the middle of all the major estate agents and building societies in the South Liverpool Property Centre , Allerton Road, we are open 5 days a week to assist clients with the speediest of services.

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We are panel solicitors for all the major lenders, and we have direct access to HM Land Registry making it possible for us to examine the title to your property within minutes of being instructed by you.

Your Move - Best Liverpool Property Law FirmPaul Bibby and his property team have over 50 years of experience in all aspects of conveyancing.
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To help you understand some of the more commonly used expressions during the conveyancing procedure, here is a glossary of terms:-

HM Land Registry
The Nationwide body responsible for registering ownership of all properties in the UK. With the arrival of new technology it may soon be the case that there will be no concept of deeds in their previous written form, but registers able to to be accessed electronically and amendments to the Register being made without written documents.

Local Search
A search of the Register of Local Land Charges and simultaneously Enquiries of the Local Authority for the area in which the property you wish to buy sits. The Local Land Charges Register reveals details such as Financial Charges registered against the property, or details of Planning Charges against the property and offer helpful information such as whether the property may be a listed building. The Enquiries of the Local Authority provide details of notices such as whether the roadways are adopted, whether there are any road widening proposals in the immediate vicinity and whether any works have been performed to the property which breach planning or building regulations consent.

The Contract
A document in two identical parts one part being signed by the Seller and one part by the Buyer. It includes details of the Property, the parties to the contracts, the price , and all contractual obligations. It is a highly technical document and is the primary reason that all conveyancing is conducted by a fully qualified lawyer.

Exchange of Contracts
This process, usually done over the telephone, by which the agreement to buy and sell the house, is no longer "subject to contract" but becomes legally binding. The Buyer pays a deposit to his solicitor to enable him to undertake the exchange of contracts. This deposit varies between £500 and 10% of the price.

Your Solicitor cannot exchange contracts for you to buy your property until you have a Local Land Charge Search result, a full written mortgage offer and replies to questions about the property which are given by the Seller. These include a written list of all the fixtures and fittings being left in the property.

This is the "moving day". It is the day upon which the full legal title passes to the purchaser. The purchase price is paid to the Sellers Solicitor by the Buyers Solicitor, and the deeds are given to the Buyers Solicitor. Keys are released from the estate agent and you can take possession (if you move house).

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