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What is no win no fee?
Conditional Fee Agreements, more commonly known as “No win, no fee” are a type of funding arrangement for one’s legal costs. Put simply, “no win, no fee” means that a solicitor is entitled to recover a fee from the client if they are successful in the case.

When can “no win, no fee” agreement be used?
At MSB Solicitors we will consider working on a “no win no fee” basis for the following types of cases:
Road traffic accidents
Accidents at work
Accidents in a public place
Consumer Credit / Debt Matters
Commercial Matters

So if I lose there are no costs to pay?
The general rule in litigation is that costs follow the event but following recent reforms, if you are unsuccessful in certain claims then the Court is unlikely to order that you pay your opponent's costs in defending their case. You may still be liable, however, if you fail to beat at Court an offer to settle made earlier by your opponent or if the claim is subsequently shown to be tainted by fraud.
To protect you against such costs it is important that you take steps to check if you have the benefit of legal expenses insurance.

How do I get legal expenses insurance?
Many people have the benefit of legal expenses insurance included on their regular insurance policies such as their motor insurance, household insurance and credit card insurance. Contact your policy provider immediately and establish if such cover is in place for the type of litigation you are involved in. Should you not have the benefit of any legal expenses insurance, then you may wish to consider purchasing a policy of insurance known as After the Event Insurance (ATE).

What is After the Event Insurance (ATE)?
ATE is a type of insurance policy which will cover you for the cost of your disbursements such as medical report fees and other costs as may be included in the policy. The extent of cover will be explained to you by the provider.


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