Few things are more likely to cause conflict in a family than a will. Grief can quickly turn to anger and resentment when relatives believe they have been hard done by.
When people challenge wills they will often make a claim on the basis that the will-maker was not of sound mind or aware of what he or she was signing.
Now, for the first time, video evidence can be used to refute such allegations. MSB has recently completed a 20-minute video of a lady in her 80s signing her will.
She is leaving her estate to her children in unequal shares and so there is a high likelihood it will be contested by those receiving smaller shares.
Michele Henderson, trust and estate practitioner at MSB, said: “The recording clearly demonstrates the lady fully understands the process and it shows her carefully reading through the documents before she signs her name.
“This is a powerful tool for those looking to make a new will and we would urge people to get in touch with us here at MSB.”
To find out more, you can contact Michele directly by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.