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Monday, 23 September 2019 08:30

Top 10 tips for dealing with divorce

1.    Before making the decision to begin the divorce process, assemble your trusted support network. Your support network should include your trusted friends and family members and professionals.

2.    The divorce process is exhausting both physically and emotionally. You must look after yourself, eat well, get regular exercise and get enough sleep.

3.    If you are struggling, consider the assistance of a counsellor. There is no shame in seeking professional help to guide you through this difficult, emotional period.

4.    Take legal advice early, before beginning the process. It is important to prepare. It is advisable to begin to collate all of your financial documents to include the CETV of any pension fund, bank statements and the redemption figures of any mortgage. This will become important further down the line when discussing a financial settlement ancillary to the divorce.

5.    Do not involve the children in the adult conflict. Try to keep all arrangements in respect of the children as child focused as possible.

6.    Be patient, the process will not be concluded overnight. Take a deep breath and focus on the long- term goal and what you want to receive by way of an overall settlement.

7.    Do not send any texts or emails to your ex partner which can cause embarrassment later on. In the heat of the moment and in the midst of an argument with your ex there is always a temptation to demonstrate your frustration in writing, avoid this temptation.

8.    Do not be influenced by what others will say in respect of their own divorce experience. Everyone’s experience of divorce is unique.

9.    Do not be frightened by the prospect of going to Court. It’s unlikely you will ever have to attend Court in respect of the divorce itself, but if you have to seek the Court’s assistance in respect of the children or financial matters be aware that the Court is there to assist you.

10.  Consider mediation. In cases that do not have complex issues in respect of children or finances mediation should be considered as this process can be less acrimonious and cost effective in reaching a resolution to all matters.
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Thursday, 12 September 2019 15:20

Disrepair claims: Six top tips on access

When dealing with disrepair claims, access is an age-old issue that comes up time and time again.
  These are our six top tips for access:
1.       Check the tenancy agreement– Ensure any request you make for access falls within the terms of the tenancy agreement. For instance, put all requests for access in writing, giving at least 24 hours notice. It’s vital that you understand and comply with the terms of your tenancy agreements, so make sure you are aware of it before making any requests. Many tenancies state that requests should be made with no less than 48 hours’ notice.
2.       Be specific– Make sure access letters are clear and specific, giving an exact date, time slot and reason for the visit. 
3.       You can’t always blame the tenant– Avoid sending letters asking the tenant to contact you to arrange access. In almost all cases, it is not a breach of tenancy if the tenant then fails to make contact. Follow point two instead if your first letter asking the tenant to make contact doesn’t work.
4.       Turn up!– Make sure your organisation attends on the exact date and time specified.  Unless you attend, the tenant won’t be deemed to have refused access. 
5.       Evidence– If access is refused, post a card and take a picture as evidence that you attended. Then rebook the appointment by following point two, above.
6.       You don’t have to reinvent the wheel– If access becomes an issue on a disrepair claim, your organisation should already have pre-existing gas / electrical inspection / access procedures. With a few tweaks, you can use those procedures to try to gain access. If you are still having problems, seek legal advice to gain an access injunction.
If you need advice or guidance in relation to gaining access when dealing with disrepair claims, contact our expert disrepair guru, Louise Murphy on 0151 420 0718 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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