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Wednesday, 30 October 2019 09:53


For many parents, the words ‘social services’, are met with panic or caution.

Social services’ involvement with families isn’t limited to certain socio-economic groups. If you have a child, and something unexplained happens to them, or if you’re struggling to cope with your child due to an addiction you may have, mental health issues, an abusive partner and domestic violence, or poverty, social services may be contacted by medical staff, school staff or police.
So, what should you do if social services contact you because of concerns about your child?

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Family proceedings will be one of the most stressful and daunting times in a parent’s life, as you are dealing with the unknown.

You will be asked to put your trust in professionals who you may have never met before or you don’t know very well.

As well as dealing with social services, solicitors, guardians and a judge, you may have to also engage with other agencies if there are issues involved such as drugs, alcohol and domestic abuse.

Published in The Verdict
Wednesday, 16 October 2019 16:31

The rise of the divorce party

Just when you thought that you couldn’t manage your current social obligations of attending friends’ birthday meals, engagement parties, stag/hen parties, weddings (most likely in a foreign country), baby showers and gender reveal parties, along came the US import of the divorce party.

In a world where people increasingly live their lives through the prism of social media, the divorce party is just another opportunity for content. Personal announcements about people’s lives have become de rigueur on social media. We can track the lives of our friends’ children from baby scan to their first day of school. Staged and cringe-worthy influencer engagement proposals are becoming increasingly popular, weddings are over the top elaborate affairs, often becoming a week-long festival rather than a one-day event, and celebrities are making public announcements when their relationships end. So it makes sense that the divorce party would become the latest event in a person’s life that they can publicise.

Published in The Verdict

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