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Wednesday, 21 November 2018 17:35

MSB boss says managing mental wellbeing in the workplace is key to unlocking talent

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Key to being a progressive business is recognising that the people who help drive your organisation forward are imperfect human beings who all face their own struggles and challenges.

Supporting your employees through their own worst times will enable them to continue to make a substantive contribution to the growth of your business. Managing partner at MSB, Emma Carey, says that employee wellbeing is not only a moral responsibility for employers, but it makes good business sense too.

Mental health in the workplace in an issue that is finally gaining traction and this month offers an opportunity to give it a particular focus. The ‘Movember’ campaign seeks to raise awareness of mental health issues in men particularly.

History of depression

Joe is a legal assistant at MSB. He is intelligent, motivated, hard-working and a huge asset to our business. Joe also has a history of depression going back around to around 2011.

He battled with mental health throughout his 20s and finally, with the support of medical professionals and his colleagues here at MSB, Joe is accessing the help he needs.

All manner of things can cause our mental wellbeing to wane. Joe’s issues traced back to the death of his sister when he was just seven and his subsequent struggle to come to terms with the trauma.

Explaining how his problems manifested, Joe said: “The easiest way to describe it is a total lack of self-esteem and worth, restlessness, tiredness and a feeling of being disconnected to my peers.

“All of this is compounded by unusually intense feelings of anxiety and panic at everyday life situations. Previously I had ignored several of these problems and just continued life ‘as normal’. This year, family issues finally brought it to the surface and I experienced a panic attack, which prompted me to go back to my GP.

“I decided to make a gradual return to work - but it turned out to be too much too soon and I began to experience suicidal tendencies - I believed the world would be better off without me.”

Time out
With our full support, Joe was signed off work again and referred to a number of different mental health professionals. Two months later, after spending time away with his partner and family, Joe returned to his job.

He says that the help he received from family and friends, as well as professionals, has been key to his recent progress, and in particular the support of MSB.

He added: “MSB showed me nothing but understanding and compassion throughout the entire process.

“They fully supported my need to take time away from work and helped transition my return, offering flexible working and phased hours to help me find my feet again. And in all the time of I’ve been unwell, I’ve received nothing but support, from senior management through to my peers and colleagues.

“The biggest and hardest step was being honest to myself that I wasn’t well.  Now that it’s out in the open, people are more understanding when I need to take quiet moments, as opposed to thinking I’m being funny or offhand.

“I wouldn’t same I’m fully cured, I’d say I have good days and bad. I think the most important thing is being enabled and empowered to manage the bad days. Through continued therapy and counselling, I’m beginning to build my self-worth and the team at MSB have helped me to see that I have a value.”

Don’t suffer in silence
Managing partner, Emma Carey, says: “Joe’s individual talents, can do attitude and work ethic means his value to MSB is huge.

“The problems he has experienced with mental wellbeing do not take those things away, and by offering our support we only continue to benefit from his contribution to our business.

Joe added: “Employers could learn a lot from MSB, the patience and support they’ve offered me have enabled me to come back to work and have helped me feel better about myself.

“I think the message I would give to others in a similar situation is this - that it is ok to feel down, and to seek help. Don’t suffer in silence as it’ll only get worse and then leads to even more stress and problems.”
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