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Operation Lunar – Birmingham Crown Court – May 2017
Sean Sexton  recently represented  a professional man in an alleged £324 million conspiracy to cheat the Revenue (Operation Lunar).  The case involved alleged breaches of the DOTAS (Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes) regulations in the design, operation and selling of high risk investment schemes in films, pharmaceutical research and computer games to high net worth individuals. The trial was scheduled to commence in 2018 but all charges were dismissed in May 2017 following a successful legal argument .

R v M-Chester Crown Court  March 2017 Sean  Sexton successfully represented an 81 year old woman accused of serious historic sexual assaults over 50 years ago. Sean’s client was acquitted of all charges in less than ten minutes by the jury after an eight day trial in Chester Crown Court .

Operation Tarlac- Leicester Crown Court - 2013-2016
In December 2016. Sean Sexton’s  client in a multi-million diversion fraud on NHS Trusts and other public bodies at Leicester Crown Court  was acquitted of all charges after a three month trial.

Sean’s client was the first named defendant on a 15 handed indictment and only one other defendant of the 15 was acquitted.
Operation Mime - Basildon Crown Court

In May/June 2016, Sean Sexton represented a defendant in Basildon Crown Court in the Tilbury Docks container death case.  Sean’s client was accused of master minding an international people smuggling ring. A charge of manslaughter was withdrawn pre-trial.  The case made national headlines as one of the 35 Afghan refugees was found dead inside the container when it was discovered in August 2014

Operation Galion - Liverpool Crown Court
In December 2015, Sean Sexton’s client in a large scale publishing fraud was acquitted on the direction of the trial judge following a successful submission of no case to answer after a three month Crown Court trial. Five co-defendants were convicted by the jury and received substantial custodial sentences. This case was one of the last VHCC frauds contracted by the Legal Aid Agency and followed a three year investigation by Trading Standards and subsequent court proceedings which took over three years to conclude. There was over 5 terabytes of unused material served and Sean led a team of 4 fee-earners to secure the acquittal.

In 2015 Sean  Sexton also successfully represented a large PLC in a Health and Safety prosecution where an employee suffered near fatal crushing workplace injuries. Two charges of failing to ensure the safety of its employees were withdrawn in November 2015 and the company pleaded guilty to a minor regulatory offence.

Sean currently represents two major companies in HSE investigations into whether the companies breached their statutory duties of care to their employees and the public in separate incidents

Operation Valgus - Mold Crown Court-2011-2016
Sean Sexton and Gillian Kelly represented   a company director in a case which the prosecution described as the largest mortgage fraud ever committed in Wales. The client received a non custodial sentence .

Operation Affleck - 2015-2016
Sean Sexton and Gillian Kelly represented a company director charged in a case £3.4 million land banking fraud involving 296 investors.
Operation Roderigo – Middlesbrough Crown Court - 2014
Eileen Chisnall represented a client in a multi-handed £900 million conspiracy to supply controlled drugs. Eileen negotiated a basis of plea in which the prosecution conceded that the drugs supplied by our client were Class B, not Class A, which will make a substantial difference to sentence in due course.
Operation Grassland - Manchester Crown Court - 2012-2104
Sean Sexton represented a company director in a £4.5 million construction industry VAT fraud –the client pleaded guilty on a limited basis and POCA proceedings are for final hearing in August 2015.
Operation Wiggle - Luton Crown Court - 2013-2014
Paul Gallagher represented  a client convicted of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs worth 3.2 million.

Operation Lighthouse  - Maidstone Crown Court – 2014-2017
Paul Gallagher represented  a client convicted of conspiracy to evade 2.4 million in excise duty  on alcohol.

October 2013 - conspiracy to pervert the course of justice
Sean Sexton successfully  represented a professional man who was alleged to have given a false witness statement in the  bankruptcy proceedings of a third party. The case was investigated by SOCA. Our client gave prepared statements at 2 lengthy interviews and was not subsequently charged.
September 2013 – R v Milnthorpe - Nottingham Crown Court
Gillian Kelly successfully represented a client in a  £4 million mortgage fraud.  No evidence was offered against our client at the pre-trial review  after service of our client’s defence statement and defence expert forensic evidence.
September 2013 -  Environment Agency prosecution-Bradford Crown Court - pollution of the River Ryburn
Eileen Chisnall  represented  a directo and agreed a very limited  basis of plea (on a strict liability basis only) for the client who received a 12 month conditional discharge with no financial penalty.
September 2012 - Operation Imagination -Chester Crown Court
Sean Sexton  represented a businessman in a 500K Trading Standards prosecution - conspiracy to overcharge for building works
April 2011 - Operation Singapore – Croydon Crown Court
Sean Sexton successfully represented a businessman who had been accused of conspiracy to flood the UK market with fake  pharmaceuticals which had been counterfeited in China  in a multi-million pound scam. He was cleared of all charges following a four and a half month trial   The Prosecution maintained that “this case represented the most serious breach of the medicine control regime that has happened in the EU”.   One of the Defendants, Peter Gillespie aged 65, was sentenced to eight years imprisonment.

December 2010 - Operation Compost – Liverpool Crown Court
Sean Sexton and Gillian Kelly successfully represented a Northern Ireland businessman charged with conspiracy to evade excise duty on rebated fuel (red diesel) with a loss to the revenue in excess of five million pounds. All charges against our client  were dropped  following a 3 month trial.  A number of other defendants (not represented by MSB)  received lengthy custodial sentences. Sean Sexton has represented Defendants in many multi-million diesel frauds in recent years including Operation Joyless, Operation Savannah and Operation Escapes.

January 2010 - Operation Genarch – Liverpool Crown Court
Gillian Kelly successfully represented a mother of two charged with 32 other defendants in a series of linked conspiracies to defraud.  The conspiracies related to Britain’s biggest ‘crash for cash’ insurance fraud. The fraud involved ‘staged’ road traffic accidents, where cars were packed with passengers who would then pose as injured victims claiming thousands of pounds in personal injury from insurance companies.  She was cleared of all charges following a seven week trial.  Out of the 33 defendants, only five were acquitted.  The ring leader of the scam, Darren Duvall, was sentenced to three years imprisonment.
We currently represent 5 defendants in a similar ongoing prosecution .

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